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Brief Introduction

   Jining Xieli Special Gas Co., Ltd. Was founded in 2000. It is the largest bottled gas production and special gas company in Southwest region of Shandong province, We are the units of China's Industrial Gases Association and China Specialty Gases Industry Association. The company now has fixed assets over 500 million RMB, plant area about 42,000 square meters, construction area more than 20,000 square meters, more than 200 employees, is the leading gas industry enterprise in Shandong.

The company has got ISO9001:2000 quality system certificate. It is well-known as good quality, high grade service in the industry. We also have Road transport operators permit, Dangerous chemicals business license, Transport of dangerous goods licenses, Cylinder filling permits, China Customs import and export goods declaration registration certificate, Self inspection record card and other qualifications. Enterprises is located in Jining City, knows as the hometown of Confucius and Mencius, in the Interchange of the 327 National Highway and 105 National Highway, traffic is very convenient. Enterprise is specialize in production, research and development, operation and exportation of various industrial gases and special gases as one of the high-tech private enterprises, product variety, quality excellent, reliable, has reached the top ten series, 100 varieties, covering Shandong, Henan, Shanxi , Hebei, Jiangsu and more than twenty provinces and cities, to become a force in the gas industry.

Enterprises are members of the Committee of China Chemical Industry standard materials, with national secondary standards material production license, is committed to research and develop standard gases, high purity gases and various mixed gases, products widely used in chemical, coal, petroleum, machinery, electricity, electronics, medical, medicine, environmental protection, scientific research and other fields. We have a variety of advanced production and testing equipments used for standard gas and high-purity gas, the standard gas preparation and analysis technology achieve the domestic and international advanced level.

Enterprises will follow the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system requirements, take production, research and development, sales and service all-round monitoring the whole process, and offer the whole process of product quality tracking service, timely solve the customer's problem.

We will take the spirit safety is guarantee, quality is life, service is the fundamental, innovation is development to product and manage, We sincerely take cooperation with our customers and industry colleagues, common development, create brilliant!

Jining Xieli Dangerous Goods Transport Co., Ltd. As our branch is a professional dangerous goods transport companies, can provide 24-hour transportation services for our customers.

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